Sunday, September 07, 2008

Metro Society Faces Fashion show

last aug 29 we had a show in Manila Pen for the Metro Society Anniversary... our calltime was at 10am so i came early to avoid being late. i went there with partsy and he waited for me to finish our rehersals before going to makati to get my license. i went back at around 3pm fo another set of rehersals and to have my hair and makeup done. the shw didnt start until around 9pm so we had like 6 hours of waiting.. i was just so glad that i waited with friends so i didnt actually get bored but the waiting is what makes the job more tiring. though the show started late, partsy was not able to make it in time for the show. so we ended up staying for a while and loading up on booze going to ascend to meet up with friends... i had snapshots of what was happening before and during the show on a models point of view... :)

modeling isnt that glamourous as what most people think.. we get called in early and reherse on stilettos several times before the show starts.. we have to endure waiting for hours doing nothing but wait for the show to begin, but shows usually end in just 30 mins or less and have our hair damaged by so much hair products and styling...

our faces are filled with soo much makeup, specially for shoots and commercials that sometimes we have to wear the make up the entire day and have it baked into our faces by the heat of those spolights on the runway... i had to fight the pain that blisters bring when using shoes that doesnt even fit jsut because the designers said so...

even if youre tired from the whole day's work you still have to stay and mingle with people even if you dont know most of them.. one thing i hate the most is having to still look okay even when you are really not...

one thing that keps me in this business is my passion for fashion and the people i met along the way, i have established good relationships with the people i worked with and im proud to say that after years in the business i have never done anything to hurt others and ruin my name..

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