Thursday, September 04, 2008

busy as a bee

"its 7am i have to wake up.. wah im still soooooo sleepy! but no i have work"

so i got up, took a shower and brushed my teeth.. i didnt feel like eating coz it was still early and i dont usually eat breakfast. when i looked at the clock it was already 7:40 and i have to go all the way to mandaluyong WITHOUT MY CAR! im not used to commuting anymore sinchanks e i had my own car since college and whenever i would commute going to school i only have to ride one bus near the village then go down right infront of my school! i couldnt ride my bike coz it was soooooooo damn HOT! and i didnt want to sacrifice my "freshness" using the bike coz if i do, by the time i get to mossimo main office id be soaking wet.. so i decided against using the big bike. but then i still had to walk a coupe of kms to get a tricycle.. i was sooooo pissed off because i still have rehersals in the afternoon and commuting in manila early in the morning can be such a drag...

i didnt have any choice but to leave the house because it was already 8:20am and my calltime was 9! grr.... i walked really fast and kept on praying that i get a tricycle and a cab asap coz i was going to be late.. thank god there was a tricycle that passed my way and i got a cab as soon as i got to cucat high way.

"the cab driver drives like a maniac so i was happy that i wont be late! weeew manong go go go!"

so i thought i was already saved from the embarassment of being late... well i spoke too soon! we got lost! argh!! my booker dont know the place also so we had to ask several people where that street was but then nobody could really point out where were supposed to go.. finally we gave up.. Mr cab driver told me that maybe we should just go back to the main highway and retrace our route so we can find the place that i was looking for.. and then *poof* i saw the street and the building! weeeeeew! hurray! the client was still busy preparing the clothes that we were supposed to wear so it was okay.. eventhough i arrived 40 mins late, technically i was not late at all!

so i got through the whole afternoon without anymore problems.. thats what i tought!
i stayed at melissa's house because we still had a 4pm schedule @ edsa shang. we planned that we would take a nap before going to the rehersals to recharge but then we ended up talking about our cute puppies and ended up being late at the rehersals! ahah! talk about being late all day... good thing our segment didnt start yet so again.. i was saveD! ha!

after that i went to alabang to meet up with my really good friends.. we had a few beers and talked about the procedures that they should go through if they want to work in macau.. so we ended up staying there till 1am! whoa! now its already 2:48am.. i still have an early calltime later and im sooooooooooooo tired from working all day!

tomorrow is another story.. hopefully another adventure.. something that will be able to inspire mo to write about... everyday has a different twist... thank god for everything... amen


Borneo Falcon said...

What a day you enduring there

the donG said...

same with me. i woke up 8am but slept from 10am till 12nn.

acey said...

hi, paulette! it's so nice to know that ikaw pala ung sa axe ad! :) i hope you get to get some rest during the weekend.

Paulette said...

borneo>> yeah... super!

dong>> hehe... good for you!

acey>> yea thats me.. hehe! thanks dear!

KO said...

that's a heck of a day you had. glad you got thru it whole. now i see why you guys are all so tired backstage.

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