Monday, September 08, 2008

Bungy Jumping

i was sorting through my files trying to free my laptop of some space... i found this videos in my hard drive and decided to upload it on youtube...

i have always been a sucker for adventure so when we went to macau to work i wanted to try out the bungy jumping... macau has the world's highest platform thats why i am ever so proud to say that i was able to conquer that tower!

one of my goals in life now would be to be able to try out different bungy spot in the world! how fun could that be! weeew!

it started with amy wanting to jump but it was kind of expensive so we were thinking if we should go or not, our friend jared had friends working there so he asked amy if she wanted to jump, that was going to be his birthday gift for amy, so she told him that she will only say yes if i will jump too.. and it has been a lifelong dream for me to be able to jump off that tower so i grabbed to opportunity right away!

so we did... it was scary though but fun! haha! when we got to the top of the tower (which was about 70 floors i think) amy asked me why i talked her into jumping.. i was just so enthusiastic about it and nervous at the same time.. they prepared us for the jump so we had no choice but to do it! it was soooooooo fun and i wouldnt mind doing it again and again and again!

my vid...

amy's vid..


Retro Manila said...


Now this got me thinking about trying Jumping, too. :)

the donG said...

wow! how bout sky diving? that's my dream. i never tried bungy jumping. not sure if ill try either. hehehe... but sky diving is something i've been dreaming to do.

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