Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Age Test

i was browsing in one of my favorite forums then i saw this one post about a site where you can calculate your life expectancy. so i did took the test and i got a good score ;)

my Biological age is: 27
my Real age: 19.1
life expectancy: 81.9

this just means that my body's age is relatively younger than what my biological age is and my life expectancy is really high :D i know i am not that young anymore so even if i get this good scores i wont take any chances with my health. i am really trying my best to take good care of my body with proper exercise and right diet. :)

when i was younger i had no trouble running up and down the bleachers of our gymnasium during basketball practice but now that i don't get to play that much anymore i get muscle pain and cramps whenever i try to play really hard. plus i get back pains and my knee gets kind of swollen after playing a long tiring game. it just means that im already starting to grow older hehe. it may seem that i can still do stuff and my mind knows that i still can but there are times where my body don't communicate well with my mind thus making it hard for me to accomplish certain things.

im not afraid to get old.. everybody will pass through that stage unless they die young.. i dont think i will die young because i am generally safe in the things that i do so that just means that i will go through the phase of aging. wrinkles, sagging arms and tummy will happen but i want to make sure that i happens gradually. im blessed that my frame is small so it will be easier for me to keep myself slim. soon i will find out how i will transform into a full blown woman.

this picture was taken JAN 2005

And this was taken just last Sunday ;)


Retro Manila said...

As they all say, age is just a number.

Grab the day by its balls and run like crazy.

mussolini said...

sorry for the intrusion (found your blog somehow while i was blog hopping). i just want to say that i love your morena skin! i'm a mestiza (as in pale talaga) and even if i go to the beach and stay under the sun for days, i still don't get that tan. they say morenas age better than mestizas.

acey said...

oh, yeah, i agree with mussolini up there. and you're beautiful. i think you will age in beauty. and it's nice to somehow find people (even just here in blogger) who're not afraid of growing old.

Paulette said...

retro >> haha! thats right! and thats what i actually do...

mussolini >> thanks for passing by and reading my posts.. yeah im born with brown skin.. before when i was younger i was the "ugly duckling" i was tall, dark and thin and that time din i was so engrossed with sports so i actually didnt care what i looked like.. then when i started to model i learned to appreciate my height and color. its like coming out of my shell :D Hehe!

acey >> thanks so much acey!! yeah i really wish i do age beautifully so when im married and old already, my husband wont look for younger more beautiful girls :D

the donG said...

wow! a life expectancy of 81-82 is great! looks like you're really livin g a healthy lifestlye.

Paulette said...

dong >> yeah kinda.. hehe

Finch said...

to quote christopher walken
"you live you die thats life"


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