Friday, April 07, 2006

time for my boys...

Vacation time!..... i woke up at around 9 in the morning, watched tv turned on the pc and surfed the net for a while. i noticed that my room was a mess so i got all the important stuff and thrown away the trash. after like 2 hours of cleaning and sorting my was still messy..haha! but at least most of the trash were gone. so after that i ate llunch with my cousins, fed the dogs and gave them a bath. it was fun for me and i gues for them also. its already summer and its sooo hot outside. i even got cooper this really cute fan (blue!) now i am really messy and its my turn to take a bath. i am going to the port to get tickets for my cousin and friend who is coming with me to boracay. my mom asked me to do lotsa lotsa stuff so i am going to be very busy this entire afternoon. but i am mighty glad that my thesis problems are finally over! woohoo! i am sure that i will have a blast this summer!

cooper getting his hair blow dried..

presko...cooper and porsche

finished products.....

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