Tuesday, March 01, 2005

poems from the heart

i voted for this poems in loving you.com i would just like to share it with everybody. its really nice and i admire the creativeness of the authors :)

Our Souls Touched
by Olivia Archer

The warmth caressed my skin,
The energy rushed through by body like a raging river.
Our hands touched.

The sweet taste of love floated through my mouth
Like a sky full of soft clouds.
Our lips touched.

Together as one, in magical symphonic harmony,
We danced to the whispering song only we could hear.
Our bodies touched.

Welcoming the undeniable feeling of complete wholeness,
Without words, gestures or thoughts.
Embracing a moment in time shared only by us.
Our Souls Touched.

Softly Together
by Julie Scholes

My lust for you is burning within,
my body with yours I want to begin,
a warm soft fire and candles aglow,
your body so sensual all over I know,
I run my fingers upon your skin,
and set you alight from desire within,
your heart reaching mine with a soft caress,
and our spirits entwine with such finesse,
the air is filled with a warm bouquet,
and there entwined together we lay,
your breath is warm your mouth is sweet,
your whisper I here makes us so complete,
desire flows like the spirit on the wind,
and our passion for each we cannot pretend,
together we float on a mysterious cloud,
and the emotion we feel can be heard aloud,
your lust with mine is immense and deep,
as we lay side by side in a beautiful sleep,
the candles flicker the fire aglow
and there we lay together I know.

by Kimberly Cahill

Your fingers lightly brush over my body
Feeling my every curve
Feeling my body quiver under your touch
Your mouth meets with mine in a kiss
Our tongues finding one another
Probing, feeling and exploring
Your voice whispers in my ear
Making my body tingle all over
I feel myself surrendering
You gaze deeply into my eyes
And I gaze right back at you, smiling
Knowing what I want so badly...YOU
You read my mind so well
And without a single spoken word
We are making sweet love all night long
Our bodies intertwining together
Becoming one and exploring new territory
Feelings that were never felt before this night
We are breathing heavy and sweating
Moving together so perfectly
Our hearts beating as one
In an almost rhythmic dance
With each thrust the moans get louder
Finally coming to a wonderful climax
You hold me tightly to your chest
Running your fingers through my hair
We fall asleep in each others arms
And dream sweet dreams about our
First night togetherblack lace
our hearts race
in your eyes an everlasting shine
take me down with a long passionate kiss
as you undo my bra
deliberately going slow
making me happy only
keeping your shiny eyes on me
strokes long and slow
in your eyes that certain glow
running my hands all over your chest and face
aside is black lace
a sheet of sweat I feel on your skin
as you move slowly deep within
moans and your name deep with pleasure
this is something always to treasure
lovemaking to the final T
you make it good always for me
then your body lay still on top of me
we have reached pure ecstacy
black lace I let you possess
to remind you of our closeness

Lost in Thought
by Jennifer Schroeder

Strangers to the touch
Lovers in the heart
Imagination the playground

Vivid images of touching bodies
Warm, wet, deep kisses
Tongues paired in a romantic dance

Hands running longingly up and down waiting bodies
Hot breath against her ear
Warm tongue caressing his

Lips searching out the mysteries of the flesh
Soft spots unearthed
Passions unleashed
Faster goes the pace
Penetration, undulation, fascination
Deeper inside, higher the ride

Fervor, mania, love ready to explode
Hands grasping, teeth biting, nails sliding
Kisses sloppy, sweat rolling, mind blowing

Beautiful, hot, vivid images
Perfection, anticipation, adoration

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