Saturday, February 12, 2005


i feel it deep inside me
i wanna ride it
i can't fight it
i might as well rely on the drumbeat
dj pumps a low-end frequency
i can't hide it
i wont deny it
cause i'm addicted to drums
and i'm a slave to the dark beat

this is what i'm listening to right now...i remember our bora, halo, static, vbar...etc days

i've been really really really busy this past week. i did shows, skipped class, got drunk, smoked weed, watched friends, played domimos, studied for my logic exam, danced my heart out, cried for my uncle's death, called my dad and told him that i love him, spent the whole day with my bunny, play with my doggie, tried wall climbing, starved myself, killed somebody and buried his body in our backyard...

after my uncle was killed outside our house in bora, i told myself that life is really too short. i know i could die any minute now but i'm not afraid. i'm not that selfish not to think of those people who still need me but i'll be very glad to look after them up there or down under.

i know i have been a bad girl but now that i'm getting older i know i'm getting better as a person. so far i have fixed some things in my life but there are still some unfinished business that i have to work with with the remaining days of my life. i'm sure that even if i dont et to finish everything i'm glad that i lived my life the way i wanted it.

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