Wednesday, February 23, 2005

my Uncle Ruben

My dad's eldest bro, uncle Ruben died last Feb.1, 2005. He was killed by two men in front of my Lolo’s house in our province. The worst part is that my Lolo and Aunt saw everything! They were not able to react right away because they had no idea that the person that was being attacked was already my uncle. Of course it was already too late when they found out that it was my beloved uncle. Shocked be what he saw, my Lolo passed out and my aunt screamed and asked for help. But it was already too uncle looked at my aunt and closed his eyes...he's dead.

It’s just so depressing that a loved one had to die this way...he was very nice and he didn't have any enemies. The guys who murdered him were high on drugs so they did not even think about the consequences that they have to face after the incident. These guys were still young and had so much ahead of them but they have to pay for what they did. They have to suffer for taking the life of a man that did nothing to them. Some of the family members wanted to have them killed but then it wouldn’t be fair for my uncle. It would make things easy; it would save them from what they would experience inside the jail. I just told my mom that they have to suffer in jail, that there are other criminals who will give them a taste of hell and somehow avenge the death of my uncle.

I’m so sad that I was not able to make him feel how I loved him. Ever since I was a child he had been very nice to me coz I was "the" favorite pamangkin. I just feel so bad that I wasn’t able to attend his funeral because I had exams and modeling jobs. I wasn’t able to see even for the last time. But its ok coz at least in my memory, he will always be smiling at me.

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