Saturday, February 12, 2005

Moving On...


Just thinking of him drives me really wild
Oh my goodness i think i'm gonna die
Eyes can be the sweetest and looks so kind
Makes my mind wander, and i dont know why
His hair, like shiny shadow on my back
Gets me to turn around to stare at that
Dimples so deep, as deep as the ocean
Looks like tiny whirlpools in my own mind
He has this long, slender and pointed nose
That i love to kiss with my lips so cold
His teeth so white like the clouds in the sky
That shines like silver, makes my mouth water
I'd like to stay and make magic with him
So he can feel how much my love is true

i composed this poem like 5 years ago i just came across this poem again when i was throwing some of my old stuff the other day. i felt the need to throw some of my well kept mamorabilias coz keeping it would'nt help me forget about somebody i used to dearly love. i guess i will just let time heal all the pain and angst that i have felt towards that person. for years we have loved each other but something changed the paths that we were supposed to take and led us both to another destination. its just so sad that someone so dear just leaves you hanging. i know its hard to tell the person you once loved that what you both had was already gone but pretending that the love is still there is much worse. i just wish that he could have just told me rather than leaving me in the gray area. oh well, life must go on. i publish this poem for the last time as a memory of what was once a very beautiful part of my life.

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