Thursday, February 24, 2005

hulazei...busy day!!

i'm soooo tired! i started the day by waking up early! i took a bath, blowdried my hair, brushed my teeth, fixed my stuff, recieved a dose of chorva from my mom regarding school, drove to school *and gawd! it was so freakin traffic in Macapagal! grrr! so i plucked my eyebrows while i was stuck there..good thing i left early* i just arrived in time for the checking of attendance :D after my class i went straight to have a new I.D. printed because i lost my old one and it cost me Php 535! soo expensive for a school id! only to find out that my freakin' old i.d. is under the passenger's seat of my carrrr!!! (gosh! so stupid!! RawrRRR!). my fitting was scheduled at 9:30 a.m. and it was already 11:20 a.m. so i took the LRT/MRT route to the Agency. the fitting was fast so i finished early, but i had to stay in the office to talk to some people about my thesis. well i got lots of documents that will help me with my research. anyways, it was already 1:00 when i finished talking to SAGA people so i went to G4 to meet Aleck and his friends (they passed their resume in Levis). Aleck and I talked about my thesis, helped me with some important details and reminisced about our experience with HSBC (don't ask!). finally, our endless conversation ended and i went back to school to get my car and meet up with bon. we went to thomas & edith before going home. i wanted to have a massage at my gym's spa (so i can relax before working on my thesis....i'm dying so i have to look and feel good before they put me in my casket..hare hare hare) but my mom told me to wait for dad to get here so we can pamper ourselves altogether. (wee!) so i just took a bath and used the milk scrub that i got in greenhills, it smelled so sweet! *milky!* and now i'm here infront of the computer fixing my thesis and blogging (adiik!) hehe! :D


gunner said...

it's a choice...

Paulette said...

yeah i think so...
thanks dropping by

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