Thursday, February 17, 2005

HSBC Young I.T. Entrepreneur

My friend Aleck asked me if i wanted to join him for the HSBC thingie. this was last Dec of 2004, i did'nt want to join because i was busy with modelign and other stuff in school but he tole me that this was my chance to prove to myself that did not just have the beauty, but also the brain. because i got seduced by his challenge, i joined him. together with Yako (our adviser) and Patty Ortega (another model), we conceptualized and thought of ways to better improve our fashion industry. Then came the results of the first round, we were able to make it to the top 30! we were so happy that despite the number of students that hoped for the gold, we were able to make it to the first cut. we attended a business writing seminar in preparation for the second round, and again we made it to the cut! this time it was only 10 members who were qualified to continue to the next round. just a while ago we went to HSBC office for the interview. it was good and i hope we made an impression that the judges will never forget. i just wish that we make it to the final cut which will trim down the 10 teams to only 3. i keep on praying that we get to win the gold medal and become an HSBC Young I.T. Entrepreneur :D

i'm so tired of all the papers that i have to finish. but i guess it just time that i really focus on what i have to do or else it will just go back the way it was before.

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