Life after Death: The resurrection of Paulette's blog

It's been too long since I last posted and I miss blogging really. I post every now and then but that's not enough i guess. Blogging has always been some form of therapy for me and not getting therapy made me succumb to the stress of everyday life. I am stressed and bothered and a little bit depressed so I decided to go back to my special world and start going to therapy again.  

I'm turning 33 soon, honestly I don't feel it. Well except for the pain in my lower back, knees and feet. My friends call it signs of aging and my mom simply explains it as my body's way of getting back at me for partying (hard) when I was younger. Whatever it is I can safely say that only my body feels the signs of aging but i'll always be a kid at heart <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">
This blog has always been my refuge whenever I need to be alone and now I am more in control of my time I will be blogging more often. I promise!